What is MapOs™?

MapOs™ is the world's first and only patent pending non GPS or Wi-Fi turn-by-turn navigation technology. MapOs™ delivers cutting edge functionality and ease of navigation to your clients, customers and guests while allowing you and your staff to deliver world class levels of service, support and information.

  • Iphone
  • Android
  • Nokia
  • WWW

MapOs is the world's FIRST and ONLY patent pending turn by turn navigation technology for ANY indoor or outdoor building or area without using GPS, WIFI or an Internet signal.

Call us - (732)348-8785 or email us - Info@MapEverywhere.com for more information about this groundbreaking technology.

Marcelo Moyano


Marcelo is a true leader in multimedia production and interactive content. An expert designer and animator, he is recognized around the world in the media industry. Marcelo possesses masterful skills in visual design, animation sequences, application development and has led full-scale projects for clients such as Dreamworks, America Online, Citibank, Doritos, MTV and countless others. He is a technology ninja at the highest level. Ask him anything technological, we dare you.

Marcelo loves Apple products and when iOS hit the market, he instantly began developing for the platform. He is a fixture at the WWDC in San Francisco and has met with the top executives from Apple to discuss our mapping technology and FastMall iPhone app. He is currently working with our elite team of developers and designers to create revolutionary location based applications like FastMall, which feature turn by turn navigation indoors or outdoors without GPS or WIFI. Marcelo has been the chief architect behind the MapOS framework.

He works with interface designs for different platforms, interactive applications, conceptual branded animations, solutions for online/offline interactive marketing and social media. Marcelo is the winner of many international accolades including Adobe Site of the Day for his work with DreamWorks SKG. He is also the recipient of 5 Favorite Website Awards (www.thefwa.com). When he gets a spare moment you can find Marcelo playing Call of Duty series, at the Apple store or hanging out with his bouncing baby boy.

Samuel Feuer

Founder & CEO

If the true measure of a successful entrepreneur is not what he does during economic boom times, but during troubled ones, then Sam Feuer, the founder of MindSmack.com, MindSmack.tv, the FastMall iPhone app and now MapEverywhere.com featuring MapOS technology is deserving of noteworthy acclamation. After all, how many companies founded at the height of the Internet bubble are not only still in business, but thriving financially and creatively? Confident, insightful, passionate, effective. The same words that describe Feuer aptly apply to MindSmack, which has steadily grown from a one-man operation to the multi-million dollar company that dominates the web design, TV and mobile application development industries.

MindSmack has achieved many elite awards to date including numerous FWA Awards and Adobe Site of the Day. Despite the company's vast and rapid growth, the Brooklyn-raised Founder/President/CEO continues to personally field hundreds of daily emails and phone calls. It is this dedication that has propelled MindSmack to the forefront of web and mobile based agencies. In addition to his deep commitment, Sam personally selects and regularly interacts with every member of the MindSmack team. With his post-production sister company, MindSmack TV, now firmly established and thriving in Times Square, New York City and the recent launch of MapEverywhere.com, Sam continues to extend his tenacious hold on the media industry. Sam still finds time to defeat countless competitors in Scrabble and Couronne while rooting resoundingly for his beloved Yankees.

Lee Goldenberg

Senior Vice-President of Business Development

If you asked Lee what he does he'll tell you that he solves problems. He'd tell you that in his 30+-year career he's done that best by applying and utilizing technology proactively and creatively. Lee has a unique ability to see the impact of issues across entire organizations. He also has the vision to view technology through the lens of his management experience in Information Systems, Facilities, Logistics and Supply Chain.

Lee has used these skills to help develop and support the brands and to contribute to the success of organizations such as Josephine Chaus, Donna Karan and DKNY, theory and Lord and Taylor. He is known for being a "consummate professional", an "integral;" member of various management teams, someone who understands how IT can and should impact a business and an "inspiring" leader.

Lee is a sought after speaker at industry events. He has given presentations on "Transforming Innovative Strategies into Operational Excellence", "Senior Management's Role in PLM Success" and "Supply Chain-Speed to Market- Starts at the Top". His favorite presentations have been the two times he was asked to address The Masters Class at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

About The Company

As executives, we have the opportunity on an everyday basis to work with some of the most talented and dedicated professionals on the planet! Our team of developers, technicians, architects, designers, coders, sales people and administrators allow us to deliver truly outstanding products to our clients and customers on a consistent basis.

We come from many different backgrounds and cultures. Although we may speak in several languages and may have different customs we are united in our goal to deliver outstanding, functional and useful software products to aid in navigating around our world.

We value our diversity, we value our creativity, we value our environment as well as our customers and trading partners. We are global in scope and as it takes a village to raise a child it takes a TEAM to make a company. We are that team!