What is MapOs™?

MapOs™ is the world's first and only patent pending non GPS or Wi-Fi turn-by-turn navigation technology. MapOs™ delivers cutting edge functionality and ease of navigation to your clients, customers and guests while allowing you and your staff to deliver world class levels of service, support and information.

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Major launch for Map Everywhere is coming in 2014.

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USA Today - Indoor map tech poses challenges, opportunities

Mapping out real-world applications

For some institutions, their foray into indoor maps is limited to a desire to create basic navigational tools. The public school district in Fort Lee, N.J., sent a photocopy of its blueprints for three schools to MapEverywhere. The map software firm converted them to detailed floor plans with critical infrastructure information and points of interest that can be accessed by firefighters' and first-responders' smartphones.

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MapEverywhere™ and the Fort Lee Public Schools Partner to Provide Peace of Mind to Administrators, Students, and Parents

Most school administrators and parents don’t like to contemplate a fire, natural disaster, attack, or other emergency happening in their child’s school, but as recent events show, they can happen. In addition, when disaster strikes, many schools do not have building floor plans or site layouts available to first responders.

That is why MapEverywhere™, the leading provider of offline, interactive venue maps for smartphones, is partnering with the public school district in Fort Lee, New Jersey to create detailed, hand-held maps of each of its six schools. The maps will be hosted off-premises with local police and fire units, as well as with school administrators, and will serve as a vital reference tool in the event first-responders are needed.

This innovative alliance will make Fort Lee Public Schools the first school district in the country to take a comprehensive and bold step forward in school safety. Powered by MapEverywhere’s patented MapOS™ technology, the maps will provide state of the art, visually guided, turn-by-turn navigation that is not GPS or Wi-Fi dependent.

“In Fort Lee, the safety and security of our schools is our highest priority, and as we all know, in an emergency, every second counts and may mean the ultimate difference in the situational outcome,” said Fort Lee Public Schools Superintendent Steven Engravalle. “MapEverywhere’s interactive school mapping solution helps us provide up-to-date, critical information to every emergency responder to enhance their ability to respond to crises in our schools, making our schools just that much safer in the process.”

As police and fire departments conduct first response drills in communities around the country, the lack of detailed building maps appears to be a missing link to full preparedness. According to retired Paterson, NJ police officer and tactical team leader Detective Don Reddin, “In a fire or hostage situation the most important piece of information for the first responders is a map or layout of the building.” When the Columbine High School massacre was called in to the police, it took approximately 9 minutes for them to reach the high school but there wasn’t an internal map or layout of the high school available for 90 minutes, thus delaying the effectiveness of the response.

We are pleased to help the Fort Lee Public Schools realize their commitment to safety and emergency preparedness.

MapEverywhere, a Division of FastMall, LLC, is the application provider of interactive smartphone maps for venues open to visitors or long-term guests, such as airports, schools and universities, stadiums, resorts, casinos, hospitals and museums. Built on patent-­‐pending MapOS™ navigation technology, MapEverywhere maps offer users rich functionality and ease of navigation, while allowing venues to deliver targeted offerings and information alongside game-­‐ changing service and security features. For more information, visit www.mapeverywhere.com.

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