What is MapOs™?

MapOs™ is the world's first and only patent pending non GPS or Wi-Fi turn-by-turn navigation technology. MapOs™ delivers cutting edge functionality and ease of navigation to your clients, customers and guests while allowing you and your staff to deliver world class levels of service, support and information.

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Indoor map tech poses challenges, opportunities

The blue dot marks your spot at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta. In an experiment with a mobile technology that has digital cartographers intrigued worldwide, the museum introduced a new "you are here" app feature this month that shows smartphone-toting visitors exactly where they are inside the museum.

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Revolutionizing Emergency Response

When fire and police departments are called to emergencies at schools they rely on access keys and building blueprints that are stored in weather-proof boxes on the outside of the school buildings to guide their responses.
But the days of emergency personnel using physical documents to plan their efforts may be on the way out.

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School Safety now comes with a map

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Schools lead way on digital mapping

FORT LEE – School officials are hailing a new initiative that they say puts the district on the map as a trailblazer in campus security.

Fort Lee plans to become the first school system in the nation to use the MapEverywhere software, which provides detailed campus floor plans to emergency responders via a smart phone application that does not rely on Internet or Wi-Fi connections, officials said.

Maps of each school and information about explosive chemicals and potentially dangerous electrical wirings will be available on an application that police and other authorized personnel can upload during a hostage, fire or other crisis.

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Fort Lee Takes 'Bold Step Forward' in Keeping Students Safe

School and company officials say Fort Lee will be the first school district in the country to use MapEverywhere's MapOS technology to map schools. 

The Fort Lee Board of Education Monday approved a two-year software license agreement with a provider of offline, interactive venue maps for smartphones in order to create detailed, mobile maps of all six public schools. Local police, fire units, other first responders and school administrators will be able to use the maps as a reference tool during emergencies, school officials say. 

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Where's a? iPhone Apps to Find All the Good Stuff Around You.

 FastMall featured on appolocious as one of their top picks to find "all the good stuff around you"!

FastMall – Shopping Malls, Community & Interactive Maps If you to need to know what’s around you in a mall, FastMall will help with mall maps. Shake your iPhone to find the nearest bathroom. 

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300,000+ on Android and thousands more on other platforms. The average user has 65 apps installed on their phone (source: Flurry). Many of us have more.

Entire businesses have been built to solve the problem of "app discovery" - that is, a way to supplement the limited app search mechanisms built into the vendors' own application stores. This is primarily to benefit mobile app developers, who can't get their apps found. The end results of these products are pitched to consumers as tools to "find new, cool apps," "find apps your friends like," or "find the best apps that do X."…

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Free iPhone Apps that Make Shopping a Cinch

FastMall has been featured on Mashable Tech as one of their 7 Free iPhone Apps that Make Shopping a Cinch.

Never get lost in the mall again! This navigational tool provides an interactive map of your the mall you're currently browsing. Find the fastest route between stores or locate a restroom with the punch of a button. It even allows you to map out where you parked so you can locate your car after hours of shopping.

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ABC's The Chew Features FastMall As The App Of Choice When Shopping At The Mall


Idea Mensch Interviews Sam Feuer Founder and CEO of MapEverywhere

Ever gotten lost in a mall, hospital or theme park? Sam Feuer explains how his idea for MapEverywhere came about and how he made it possible.

What are you working on right now?
We are currently working with Fortune 500 companies and several others on ensuring MapOS (the operating system for navigation without GPS, WIFI or Internet signal) can be easily utilized as a self service or custom enterprise solution for any indoor or outdoor space anywhere in the world in any language in the world. The OS is for simple, visual and precise turn by turn, multi-level navigation that will never fail due to signal loss or lack of power. If you have a charged mobile smart phone, you can get around easily, period.

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FastMall Featured On CNBC's

With gifts to buy and places to go, the last thing you want to do during the holiday season is lose precious minutes trying to hunt down a restroom at the local mall.
FastMall has maps and allows interactive navigation at more then 1,250 malls across the country, and they are adding updates and new locations all the time.
In addition to hunting down the location of the nearest restroom, FastMall helps you pick the quickest route to your favorite store. You can even tell it to find the fastest route using elevators if you’re navigating the holiday crowds with a stroller.
Since signal strength can be a problem inside stores, FastMall downloads the map to the mobile phone as long as the user remains logged in. This way the map is always there to be a guide.
If you record your favorite stores, the app will send you special deals that you can take advantage of while you’re at the mall.
And don’t worry about losing your car in the parking lot. FastMall allows you to use GPS and audio recording to hunt it down.
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FastMall Featured On PC Magazine

If you do decide to brave the sea of people at the mall, bring a map. FastMall gets you in and out of the mall as quickly as those lines will allow, letting you search for categories, items, places to get a bite, and the closest restroom. You can save your data plan for communicating with friends and family; once you’ve downloaded a mall map, you can access the app, use its turn-by-turn navigation inside the mall walls, and use its voice recorder to locate your car in the parking lot, all sans Internet. In addition to the U.S., FastMall leads you through malls in 30 other countries.
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PRWeb.com | MapEverywhere Bolsters Management Team to Accelerate Growth

 MapEverywhere™, developer of the revolutionary MapOS™ indoor navigation technology and the FastMall® shopping navigation app for the iPhone® and Android™-based smartphones, announces the appointment of two senior executives. Lee Goldenberg brings more than 30-years of experience in senior operations management to the newly created position of Senior Vice President of Business Development. Renowned multimedia designer, chief MapOS architect and FastMall application developer Marcelo Moyano will serve as MapEverywhere Chief Creative Officer. Both will play key roles in supporting the rapid growth of FastMall around the world, while also driving the expansion into new apps for a broad range of commercial, institutional, recreational, and industrial markets.

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Yahoo News | MapEverywhere Extends Power of FastMall Indoor Navigation App to Broader Market

MapEverywhere is leveraging the power of its revolutionary MapOS™ application platform, the engine behind the globally popular FastMall retail shopping app, to extend the consumer and business benefits of ‘indoor navigation without a signal’ technology to a wide range of public and private venues.

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San Diego 6, The CW Apps to Help You

Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda On NBC Today Show Discuss FastMall App & More.

Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda & Meredith Reynolds of Redbook go over time-shaving tips to help you beat the clock.

Here is the direct link to the video on their website: http://tiny.cc/k8pqy

FastMall Featured in PCWorld Online Magazine - 15 Shopping Apps That Can Save You Big Bucks

The FastMall iphone application has been featured in the August 1st slideshow article of PCWorld.

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6 Time-Savers | Real Simple

Mall Tracker App

Where did I park? Which way to the food court? Preserve your brainpower for calculating markdowns and use the FastMall iPhone app to get turn-by-turn directions to stores, restrooms, elevators, and your car.

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Tech Company Thriving in New York

MindSmack.com Founder Sam Feuer reacts to the midterm election and discusses how he is able to survive in New York’s harsh business climate.

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FastMall Featured on Fox News App Attack Video

If you're a mall shopper, save time and energy with the FastMall app. It displays all the local information you need, from mall addresses to lists of stores and restaurants to hours of operation.

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Northen Virginia Magazine: Shopping Simplified: FastMall

The FREE handy dandy app allows you to scrap the stress in your life that comes from having trouble locating your favorite stores in the mall as well as other in-mall essentials such as restrooms, food options and wheelchair/stroller-accommodating elevators. It features maps of malls, turn-by-turn walking directions to your preferred destinations, links to deals and more. Brilliant!

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Hate shopping? FastMall iPhone app takes some of the pain away

There are people who really love malls – the maze-like structure appeals to them on some level. I'm not one of them. Like most men, I subscribe to the "know what you want, in-and-out in five minutes" philosophy. So I'm very interested in this new iPhone app, FastMall. It offers custom-built maps for different Malls in America, packing a huge amount of info into a small interface.

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Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Features FastMall As App Of Choice For Helping Those With Disability Navigate Shopping Malls.

FastMall - This app gives step-by-step directions to wheelchair accessible routes by highlighting the location of elevators as well as bathrooms throughout malls and around shopping districts. This app has the capability to operate offline while providing you with an interactive map around the shopping structure. It also comes complete with peer reviews of stores and restaurants as well as promotions and discounts that are specifically for FastMall users.

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Autistic Adult App Project

I actually talked to the creator of the app, Sam Feuer, who first thought of the app when in a strange mall and his wife desperately needed to find a washroom. Realizing that others could benefit from it, Feuer proceeded to develop this very nifty app.

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Bloomberg.com - Malls Bet on MindSmack's FastMall App to Draw Shoppers Back.

Foot traffic at U.S. malls has dropped each of the past three holiday seasons, according to retail intelligence firm ShopperTrak. Reason: People are doing more shopping online. To bolster mall sales, a new group of mobile startups, such as New York's MindSmack, are developing indoor-mapping applications to entice shoppers.

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Dallas Morning News Features FastMall - Shop Talk: Forbes ranks Houston first, Dallas second in shopping

If you haven’t been to the mall in a while, you may need to download FastMall, a free smart phone application that gives you directions inside a mall.

It even guarantees the fastest route.

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AOL features: Best Shopping Apps to Save Your Time, Money and Sanity

Going to the mall at the height of holiday shopping season is like going to Vegas for your honeymoon - you may arrive full of cheer and enthusiasm, but you’ll probably leave bloodied, maimed and psychologically scarred. But, at the mall, you can at least do battle with FastMall by your side. Developed by MindSmack, this app provides invaluable information on the biggest shopping malls all over the world. Whether you’re looking for a specific shop, trying to find the nearest bathroom, or desperately searching for your car, FastMall will help you find it - and, just maybe, relax.
Verdict: A much-needed holiday stress reliever.

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ZDNet | Must-have shopping apps: TGI Black Friday, FastMall

FastMall can be used to remember where you parked your car, share items that you discover, and even check in at the mall or your favorite store. You can even shake your iPhone to locate and then be taken to the nearest restroom. Good stuff.

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Get around your local mall easier with FastMall

FastMall is a mobile app that helps you get around your local mall. Need to know where the Apple store is? This app will show you and will help you navigate there. How does it do that? Without GPS! Here CEO Sam Feuer shows us how it works and tells us what happened to his business after Apple featured it in the app store.

ABC News Features Apple iPhone app FastMall

 Sam Feuer CEO of MindSmack.com and FastMall.com was interviewed on ABC News about the FastMall iPhone Application that is taking over the world and redefines the way that people navigate shopping malls without GPS. The future of mobile navigation has arrived for the indoors including hotels, hospitals, theme parks, conventions, shopping malls, airports and anything else you can think of. FastMall is just the beginning.

FastMall App Featured On 7Live News San Francisco - Must Have Apps For Holiday Shopping.

SAN FRANCISCO — When it comes to holiday shopping, most people already have a high-tech tool filled with insider shopping secrets and have no idea how much it can do for them. Dig the video, lots of fun!

See the full story at the following link: FastMall on 7Live, ABC San Francisco.

NY Times writes a great article about FastMall and indoor mapping.

SAN FRANCISCO — Mobile phone maps have guided people through streets and alleys around the globe. But when those people step into a sprawling building, they can get lost.

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NBC Los Angeles Featuring Our FastMall iPhone Application.

For those intrepid shoppers who’ve ever gotten lost in a shopping mall or wondered how to get to their favorite store, this app is for you. FastMall for the iPhone provides turn-by-turn directions to help you find your way around the shopping mall maze. Over 1,275 malls are listed including local favorites like the Grove and the Beverly Center. The iPhone will automatically list the closest malls to you let your download maps, find deals, and navigate to stores using interactive directions that work indoors. Need to use the restroom? Shake your iPhone to find the nearest one. The app even remembers where you parked. FIND YOUR WAY: FastMall is free in the App Store.

Full article: http://tiny.cc/5uubk

About.com | FastMall App Makes Shopping With Little Ones Easier

Enter FastMall, an app for the iPhone that locates not only elevators, but restrooms, places to eat and even remembers where you parked. Right now the application includes 1,250 malls in the U.S., four in Canada (West Edmonton, Park Royal in Vancouver, Toronto Eaton Centre and Metropolis at Metrotown) and one in the UK (Bluewater Mall) with more being added.

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